Beach Season in West Michigan: Why Under Eating is not a Short Cut.

Beach Season in West Michigan: Why Under Eating is not a Short Cut.

Esteem Fitness Training is ready for beach season. Are you?In the summer West Michigan is a great place to be. There are beaches and boats all throughout Norton Shores, Grand Haven, Muskegon and Spring Lake areas. For those who are trying to be healthy or look good they are most likely on some sort of diet in order to fit into their swimsuit. The word diet is sensitive to some people either because they do not want to admit they are on one or because it makes them sound like they cannot have the “good” food. The word diet makes people feel deprived or like they are missing out. Instead replace the word with “increasing my nutritional value”, “improving my nourishment” “modifying my nutrition”, “balancing my nutrition” or simply “improving my health”. This helps immensely because it makes you feel like you are building a healthier body instead of depriving it. A very common mistake people make when changing their nutrition is under eating.

The goal of eating is to assimilate the food and use the nutrients for growth and maintenance for the body. Food and water are the main sources of materials to nourish the body. When people focus too much on quantity of their food intake and not the quality they tend to miss out on key nutrients for a healthy body. We want to build up our body, not break it down. Yes, eating less can cause immediate weight loss but it is not the healthy way to lose weight and only prevents long-term success.

The effects of under eating can cause serious damage to your body both physically and mentally. The physical effects include a decrease in bone density, a slower digestive system and poor blood circulation. It also can thin out your hair, weaken your skin and deplete your sexual hormones. Nutrition is so important for your skin, which is the largest organ in your body, that’s why people who under eat tend to have skin and hair problems. The psychological effects of under eating are just as dangerous and can be broken in to two parts, the mood and the consciousness. The mood part can include depression, obsession and anxiety. While the consciousness part of under eating includes: withdrawal, loss of sexual feeling, loss of self worth and feeling fat constantly. So while most people think they are on the fast track to a slim waistline they really are on the path to an unhealthy body.

Now lets not forget that there is an obesity epidemic going on in American. In Michigan alone roughly 32% of adults are considered obese. The effects of overeating are well known but let us review. Overeating can cause weight gain, heart problems, diabetes, arthritis, and muscular discomfort, to name a few. Some other effects are depression, sleep apnea, and social discrimination. It is important to know that both overeating and underrating can cause great damage to your body. There are always new diet fads or the next big diet program that will tempt people to try them. These diets can create short-term success but there is only way to have long-tern success and health. It simply can be described in one word, “balance”. Having a balanced diet will create a natural and healthy lifestyle. With the right quality and correct quantity of food your life can change immensely. Just remember to keep track of your caloric intake in order to prevent over or under eating.

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Main source: National Centre for Eating Disorders

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