Sports Training for Athletes

Athletes are considered one of the fittest populations. The elite ones have intense workout routines that contain a lot of energy expenditure. For the rest of the athletes they tend to only train during team workouts that are run by the coaches. This is very beneficial for the athletes but those coaches are just that, coaches. They tend to do repetitive workouts and do not individualize the workouts. There are great coaches that know what they are talking about but most of do not have the proper knowledge to train athletes like a professional trainer does.

In order for young athletes to become elite they need proper training and nutrition. These are things that most coaches cannot control. There are only so many athletes that they can pay attention to while training. This may lead to athletes slacking or having improper technique. It is very important to have good technique to prevent injuries and to be efficient with the exercise. Team settings are very competitive, which is great for pushing each other. There are often times that teammates can get distracted by each other and lose focus. Young athletes need proper technique and direction when it comes to sports training. With a personal trainer the workouts are controlled, educational and safe.

Sport performance training is becoming increasingly popular by the year. There are many elite athletes that have a trainer because they know the great benefits that they provide. Having a trainer there is very important to remaining focused and improving. Trainers are experts on sports training because they have proper education, experience and passion for fitness. The great thing about having a fitness trainer is that it is very individualized. There is no written program that all the athletes go through. Each workout is designed just for them to help improve on their goals. Athletes also benefit by receiving proper nutritional guidance, which is one of the most important factors to results.

Our Esteem Fitness Training personal trainers are well equipped to help with sports training. We are specialists when it comes to specific sports training. We work with a variety of athletes who have a variety of needs. We work with everyone from 10 year old athletes to professional athletes. We work with a variety of sports… female volleyball players, high school football players, professional hockey players to name a few. Whatever the athlete’s needs are we have the ability to help them with our high level of education and experience. With us being athletes ourselves we understand the importance of training and the passion for becoming the best. Our facility is set up to achieve greatness and we can take athletes to that next level with their sports specific needs.

West Michigan has great athletics and we take pride in helping our athletes become better. Here is are some areas that we can help you improve on for your sport: strength, speed, agility, power, explosiveness, coordination, balance, flexibility, athleticism, endurance, weight loss, technique, and rehab to name a few. At Esteem Fitness Training we are determined to make you the best athlete possible. We are offering a very unique 2 for 1 deal for athletes. Both athletes pay the reduced price and still receive the professional training that we offer at Esteem Fitness Training. Please contact us or come visit if you want to reach the next level. We are located at 800 Ellis Rd. in the AMG Business Center. Our phone number is 231-799-4804 and our website is

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