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We are Encouraging, Hardworking & Results Driven!

“We train our clients like it is the only body they will have… Guess what?” –Ron Clark

Inspiring Our West Michigan Community To A Healthier Lifestyle through Professional Fitness Training One Client At A Time

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There is something inherent in all of us to choose health, strength and wellness. However, it seldom is what most people purpose to do. At Esteem Fitness we truly do not believe that the majority of people are lazy. Fitness, wellness and health are not at the top when most people look into their future forecast of life. Family, relationships, education and career are the big echoes on the radar.

At Esteem Fitness we fully understand this because we are living breathing creatures too. We solve the frustration by using several systems of accountability to help our clients with consistency. When a person is consistent they make progress. When a person is excited about progress markers it fuels the desire to want to continue. This is when training and working out become fun. We all love to engage in activities that we would describe as “fun”. When you look and feel better it changes your outlook, and a positive outlook ultimately will change your life!

We help our clients arrive at the point in which they actually look forward to their workouts with our team of fitness professionals.

This is truly then successful living!

“You can’t wishful think or purchase a strong and healthy body” –Ron Clark

Esteem Fitness Training Key Services

1-on-1 Personal Training

At Esteem Fitness Training One on One fitness training is all we do. One on One fitness training gives clients progress. We work with our clients individually, it’s not cookie cutter one size fits all. Our workouts are… learn more…

Nutritional Guidance

At Esteem Fitness Training we can help guide you to reach a high level of nutrition for your workouts, your health, and weight loss. Our highly trained fitness professionals are very knowledgable when it comes to… learn more

Sports Specific Training

Our Esteem Fitness Training personal trainers are well equipped to help you with your sports training. We are specialists when it comes to specific sports training. We work with several athletes who have a variety of… learn more

Weight Loss

At Esteem Fitness Training one of the main reasons that people contact us for help is for weight loss. A lot of people are very frustrated with not being able to loss weight or being unable to get to their desired… learn more…

Post Rehabilitation

Our professional team networks with other health care professionals, physical therapists, doctors, massage therapists and orthopedic surgeons to be sure that their patients who become our clients have the highest… learn more


Accountability is the KEY to any successful fitness program. Our clients are success stories because we have reserved training times. Accountability is huge when it comes to the world of physical fitness. A lot of… learn more