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Personal Training Muskegon: Why Esteem Fitness Training is Better Than Standard Gyms

There are numerous benefits to exercise and most people are aware of this; but most people are not aware of the benefits of a fitness facility that offers personalized training. At Esteem Fitness Training we individualize each workout for the needs of each individual client. This allows our clients to receive the benefits of top quality results. Esteem Fitness Training has the best personal training that Norton Shores, Grand Haven, Spring Lake, Fruitport and the surrounding areas of West Michigan has to offer.

1. Professionalism

a. You will not find a more professional fitness establishment anywhere in Muskegon. Our trainers guarantee that you will be treated with care, because we care about your fitness progress. Other gyms have distractions and messes that the client must work around, but Esteem Fitness is organized, efficient and goal focused. At Esteem Fitness Training “you” are the number one priority!

2. Private

a. Esteem Fitness Training has privacy on all levels. We have locker rooms, showers, and a private exercise cubicle. This private cubicle allows our clients to feel comfortable because no one else is watching. This kind of privacy is a rarity at other fitness facilities. It is like training in the comfort of your home!

3. Clean

a. Clean is something that most gyms are not. It is not uncommon for big gyms to be shut down for MRSA or other infections. With big gyms there are numerous amounts of people that use the equipment throughout the day, and most of them do not clean the equipment once they are done. This buildup of sweat can be hazardous. At Esteem Fitness Training we clean not only the equipment, but the entire facility. Our clients never use a dirty piece of equipment. Our amazing staff understands the importance of clean equipment and a clean facility.

4. No startup/ membership fees

a. With other fitness facilities there are monthly fees that must be paid, in addition to a fee for private training. Esteem Fitness Training has a much simpler approach. We sell by the session only. This means that there are no startup fees, no membership fees, and no monthly payments. In other words, the client gets exactly what they pay for; quality personal training. To see our rates for this personal training, please check out our website at

5. Experience/Educated

a. At Esteem Fitness our trainers are extremely passionate about fitness, and about helping people reach their individualized fitness goals. All of our trainers are certified through various accredited associations, and most hold a degree in various exercise science areas. Because our personal trainers have many years of experience and education, they are able to produce the best health and fitness results for each individual client. All of our trainers’ bios can be seen on our website at

6. Location

a. For the past 11 years we were located in Grand Haven operating under the name of Fitness Together. We have changed our name to Esteem Fitness Training and are now located at 800 Ellis Rd., Norton Shores, conveniently positioned next to the Muskegon Airport and close to the Lakes Mall. Our fitness center can be found in the AMG Business Center. You will not find a better fitness facility in such a great location!

7. Excellent Facilities

a. Our fitness facility is filled with new, top of the line equipment and exercise accessories. There are a variety of machines that provide a wide range of movements, allowing every body part to be targeted. The equipment, along with the knowledge of our trainers allows for a safe workout. The safety of our clients is of greatest concern at Esteem Fitness Training.

8. Personable

a. At Esteem Fitness we believe that a successful fitness regime is built from a solid relationship between the client and the trainer. It is vital that the client has a level of comfort and trust with their trainer. At Esteem Fitness Training we will be not only your personal trainer, but your friend.

9. Accountability

a. Accountability is one of the primary reasons for people to seek and receive personal training. At Esteem Fitness Training we keep our clients accountable through sending emails, calling, and texting. We want to make sure that our clients are aware of their next session and mentally prepared for their next workout. We log each workout, take measurements and give fitness evaluations to show the progress of each individual client. There is nothing that will keep a person more accountable than a great personal trainer.

10. Encouraging Environment

a. Stepping into a gym for the first time can be very intimidating. Esteem Fitness Training has a very friendly, non-threatening environment that makes the client feel comfortable and at ease. We will push you to reach your goals, but we will do so in a passionate and encouraging way. We guarantee that the environment will be the best in West Michigan!

There are numerous reasons to exercise: to get in shape, to look better, or simply to just become healthier. We are very confident in our services and know that we will give you the results you have always been looking for. Esteem Fitness Training is like no other fitness center on the west side of Grand Rapids. If the best is what you are looking for then you have found the right place. We want Michigan to become healthy again and we have to facility, equipment and education to do so. Come see for yourself and don’t forget to check out our website,Facebook and Twitter!

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