Golf Training

Golf is one of America’s past times. Summer is the peak season for golf in Michigan and there are many golf courses across the state. Whether you are playing in a tournament or just playing with your friends, it feels great to perform well. A good way to make you golf game better is by working out. Exercise can help your golf game in many ways. It can help you hit the ball further, improve your balance, increase your stamina, improve the overall swing of your club and prevent injury.
Weight training can help you hit the ball further which can ultimately save you a few strokes. If you hit the ball further than you have a better chance at getting closer to green. This can be done by strengthening the legs, arms, and core of your body. At Esteem Fitness Training we have top notch strength machines that can help increase your power immensely. Our trainers will take you through unique and intense workouts that will be specific to your golf needs. A big factor in hitting a golf ball is core activation. Swinging a golf club is a very kinetic movement that starts from head to toe. Without proper core activation the club speed slows down and causing an ineffective swing. We have some great exercises that improve the swinging motion and core activation. A stronger core leads to many benefits that will show even outside of golf.
Balance also plays a big part of swinging a club. In order to follow through on your shot you need to have good enough balance to stabilize your body. Our Esteem Fitness trainers have multiple balance exercises and stabilization workouts that will make your swing more comfortable. With comfort comes consistency and at Esteem fitness we can help you become a more comfortable golfer. Golf can be very exhausting and demanding on the body. This makes it very important that you have high stamina when playing golf. The better stamina you have the longer you can play the game and the longer you can compete at your level throughout the round. A lot of times people with poor body fat can be hindered by their stomach. Weight loss can greatly improve your game because it allows for a smoother path and an efficient swing. The more efficient swing and better path to the ball can create a lot of saved energy and consistency. Lastly and importantly fitness training for golf can prevent injury. It can help build stronger muscles, bones, mental health, stamina and kinetic movements. All which are very important in the game of golf. Nobody wants to have their gold game suffer because of an injury. With fitness training you can help decrease those wrists, elbow and other pains that golf entails by letting us guide you through our unique and successful exercises.
Have you ever dreamed of having a smooth and strong golf swing? At Esteem Fitness Training we can help you improve your game and take you to the next level. We will ensure you that your game will prove, leaving your competition and friends wondering how your game improved so much. If you are a beginner or a professional and want to see what Esteem Fitness Training has to offer please contact us, we can change improve game! There are many courses, tournaments and events to participate in this summer and we want to help make your game better. Golf is a fun, meticulous, and challenging game. Please let us help you make the game easier and more enjoyable. Staying healthy is critical in the game of golf so make sure to take care of your body, exercise and eat properly.

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